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UpBeat Virtual Showcase

Grab your found sound drum and join us in creating our UpBeat Virtual Showcase video performances!

 “To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.”

-Aaron Copland


Normally in May, Arizona UpBeat students perform in Showcase Concerts hosted by the University of Arizona and our institutional partner, Phoenix College.  While those events have been cancelled, we can still celebrate the hard work of UpBeat students, school teachers, and instructors alike by playing together from home!


Step 1: Play along   

Use the SoundSlice videos below to learn one part of each piece.  Please only select a piece/part you have already covered in the UpBeat Method Books.

Once you've mastered your parts up to tempo, continue to Step 2.

Caterpillar Tiger.png
Groovin' Small.jpg
Groovin' Medium.jpg
Groovin' Large.jpg
Porc Cheetah.jpg

Step 2: Recording and Uploading Your Part 


**Submissions Due on May 4, 2020 by midnight to be featured in our 2020 Virtual Showcase**

When you are ready to record, follow these simple instructions to ensure your video submission will sound great and sync up with everyone else's playing.


  • Gather your equipment. You will need headphones, a phone or a computer with a webcam, and another device to play the rehearsal video. Oh, and don't forget your drum!

  • Minimize background noise. Set up in a quiet room and ask others in your home to avoid making sounds while you record. Turning off loud fans and AC can help quiet things down.

  • Set up the camera. Make sure you are well lit and the background is not distracting. Do a quick test recording to check if you can capture good quality audio and video. If you are using a phone, you can ask a friend to film you or you can prop the phone up on a chair with a pillow. Make sure to prop up the phone without covering the built-in microphone. This is usually found on the top or bottom of your device. 

  • Put on your headphones. Plug them into a second device that you are not recording with and load the YouTube rehearsal video for your part that you practiced along with. This will allow you to play along with the rehearsal video when recording without letting the sound bleed into your video submission. You must play along with the SoundSlice video's Speed set at 100% when recording so you stay in tempo with all of the other submissions.

  • Press RECORD on your device. Begin recording first, get settled at your drum (no hurry!), and THEN play the SoundSlice video through your headphones. Doing it in this order will allow you to focus on the count in. We will edit all of the video submissions, so you don't have to worry about rushing to play as soon as you hit RECORD.

  • Play!  At the end of your performance, freeze for 2-3 seconds before you reach over to stop the recording.

  • Listen to your recording. Ensure that you sound your best and that you stayed in time with the rehearsal video.

  • Submit your video files in the form below. Once you hit "Submit," please leave this page open until you see a "Success!" message. This may take a few minutes if your video file is very large or if you are submitting from mobile.


That’s it! We will take your submission and edit it into our online drum ensemble video for the Showcase. We look forward to making music with you!

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Please wait to see a success message after hitting submit before you leave this page - large video files can take a moment to upload. Thanks!


Thanks for submitting!

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